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In order for you (or "your", the person(s) performing the transaction) to apply for or open a deposit account on FirstMerit's website, obtain banking services, or receive other disclosures and documents electronically after your account is opened or banking services are obtained, FirstMerit must have your consent to provide such disclosures and documents in electronic format to the extent FirstMerit provides such documents electronically. If you do not consent to electronic format of these disclosures and documents, you will not be able to open deposit accounts, obtain banking services, conduct transactions on FirstMerit's website, or receive account alerts via email or FirstMerit Mobile Banking.

By using FirstMerit's website, you agree, for yourself and all accountholders on a particular account, that FirstMerit may provide statements, notices, disclosures, agreements and other information concerning your account(s), products, or services offered or accessible through the Internet Banking service (Personal and Business) and e-Connect, electronically (collectively, "Notices"). You agree that FirstMerit can send you Notices to (1) the e-mail address that you provided to FirstMerit during enrollment or (2) by posting the Notice on the Web site home page of the applicable service. The delivery of any Notice from FirstMerit is effective when sent by FirstMerit, regardless of whether you read the Notice when you receive it or whether you actually receive the delivery. Account alerts are offered as a customer convenience only, and are not a replacement for your duties and obligations under the applicable Deposit Account Terms and Conditions (i.e., failure on the part of FirstMerit to send a low balance account alert by FirstMerit will not affect fees charged, if any, pertaining to a resultant overdraft).

Your consent applies to all of the following categories of Notices we provide to you electronically, except that FirstMerit will not provide periodic statements electronically ("Paperless Statements") unless you separately request Paperless Statements and provide any consent that is required at that time:
If you withdraw consent to receive Notices electronically, FirstMerit reserves the right to discontinue your access to its electronic banking services. Any withdrawal of consent will not apply to Notices sent prior to when you elected to stop receiving Notices electronically. All communication in electronic or paper format will be considered "in writing". Please print or download this agreement and any other Notices that you may want to refer to in the future.

If you would like a paper copy of any Notice sent to you, please contact the Customer Contact Center at 888-493-5142. You understand and agree that FirstMerit may charge a fee for each copy you request.


Since you are already accessing this Consent for Electronic Communications via the Internet, it is likely that you are already using all the hardware and software you need to access Notices electronically. In order to access or receive Notices electronically from FirstMerit, you must have a personal computer with a modem connected to a communications source (telephone, wireless or broadband) and either a Windows-based operating system with an Internet browser, or a Macintosh-based operating system with an Internet browser for Macintosh (see Browser Requirements). You will need a printer attached to your personal computer to print any Notices. You can retrieve an electronic copy and a printable version of this Agreement by clicking on the "Consent for Electronic Communications" link located on the log-in page to the service.

Paperless Statements

FirstMerit provides viewing of Paperless Statements for up to 18 months of account history. Once you have elected to receive Paperless Statements or any other Notice electronically, FirstMerit will no longer send you a paper copy through the U.S. Mail unless you request it or we otherwise deem it appropriate to do so. If you find that you need a paper copy of a Paperless Statement, you can print the statement using your browser's print function or you can request a paper copy by calling the Customer Contact Center at 888-493-5142. You understand and agree that FirstMerit may charge a fee for each copy you request.

Please know that if you currently receive cancelled checks with your statements through the U.S. Mail, and then choose to go paperless, you will be unable to receive cancelled checks if you later choose to receive paper statements again.

You may elect to withdraw consent to receive periodic statements electronically by clicking on Paperless Statement Preferences and completing the necessary information; or by contacting the Customer Contact Center at 888-493-5142.

Modification or Termination

FirstMerit may modify, discontinue or terminate a portion or all of its electronic communication, at any time. Any required notices will be sent at a time and in a manner in compliance with law.